• Josh A. Bailey

Are you doing Christmas right?

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

For many, Christmas is just THAT time of the year.

It is truly the most magical time. Money magically vanishes from your bank accounts and are replaced with gifts that your friend will magically return for the cash instead.

You're probably better off wiring them the money. It'll save you the trip and heartache; I promise.

Anyway, Christmas is the wrapping on the outside of the gift that is an otherwise trashy year (pun intended).

Whether your year was acceptable or absolutely wretched, you only remember the horrible things, so EVERYONE claims that their year sucked and the next year will be better.

However, none of that matters because right now - the 30 days after Turkey Purge - everything is fantastical and red and green and "what did you get me" and "shut up, don't worry about that; you have to wait for some arbitrary reason."

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and there is no good argument against that.

But, why?

Why is it the most wonderful time of the year?

I am going to be honest and tell you that I don't know the true meaning of Christmas. The reason is that there are so many different kinds of people celebrating this one holiday in so many different ways.

However, if you are Christian, the easy answer is, "It's Jesus's Birthday," hence the "Christ" and... Oh, wait...mas? Like "more" in Spanish?

So basically, Christmas means "more Christ?"

Hm... I think we all need Christmas, and not just on Christmas. Let's try January through December with an intermission on July the 4th. Maybe we will all be better off.

But, I digress.

This week's sermon will have you believing that you MIGHT be doing Christmas wrong.

"Wrong" is harsh because there are so many ways to do something, which is why Delores didn't come out and use that term. Who are we to call your tradition wrong?

Right or wrong isn't the real point, although some people would think so after hearing the sermon. I believe she was simply talking about a forgotten part of the celebration of Jesus as Christmas seems to have been interpreted in the first place.

Pastor Delores talks about this Advent concept in the bible that seems to be the true celebration of Jesus that could be where Christmas and its commercialization came from in the first place.

Do you know what "Advent" is?

Don't worry; I don't know what it is either. Luckily for me, though, I am typing in front of my computer, so........

Advent is the time of the year that people back in the bible times designated to strictly celebrate all things Jesus and everything He meant.

If you live on Earth, you have a basic understanding of how crops and harvests work. Every year there is a period of cultivation and then there is a time of harvest.

Well, during this time of harvest and preparing for the months when stuff just wouldn't grow, they would focus on getting the food, storing it, and preparing for the cold.

During this period, they would literally spend most of their time praising and thanking God for all the good he has brought them through this past year.

And it might be beneficial to note that while we recognize 4 seasons, they only had like two, and both were related to the flow of their crops.

The reason this is relevant is that 3 months out of each season, they would celebrate Jesus and his coming.

Advent has Christians recognizing Jesus the entire season leading up to his coming, which brings my initial question:


The answer is... kind of.

The reason there isn't a clear cut answer, in my opinion, is because it honestly depends on who you ask?

I don't think that we can say whether or not one is doing Christmas right, but I can definitely say that there may be a percentage of "rightness" to be considered. I think that is what Delores was getting at.

Go ahead and decorate your house with fat white men and giant mutated deer monsters. Raise your light bills by 47 percent of your entire annual bill and cook whatever food is left on the planet after having endured the year's 1st national food-waste holiday.

Do what you feel you have to do to enjoy this time of the year, but we as CHRISTIANS need to remember and acknowledge a forgotten tradition of Jesus's people.

Advent will be broken down in future sermons, but Advent should first be acknowledged. Jesus has come in your name. He does good by His people and I know you still believe that.

Delores is acknowledging Jesus as a gift to us by celebrating him all year, and specifically in reference to Christmas, for the entirety of December (four weeks leading up to the 25th). She mentioned fasts and other means, but honestly, I don't what that lady is going to have us doing this month, so make sure that you follow us on Facebook to keep Advent top-of-mind!

We are going to be dropping more awesome sermon recaps like this and give you more updates on events and other things happening this month at Blythewood COGOP.


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I hope you understand and are ready to help this community grow into something positive for Cogopos and even people beyond our reach at the moment.

Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to hang out with us. I know this episode was short on content about "Behind the Pastor" so to speak, but this is just the introduction to this week's sermons series. Naturally, there won't be much to talk about until next week.

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Until next time, Cogopos

May peace be with you,

Josh, the Drummer