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Rev. Delores Matthews

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Robert (Husband) and Delores Matthews

Energetic, loving, strategic, charismatic, fun, intentional, friendly...

They are the words that describe her the best. 



Delores has been active in Ministry for almost 16 years. Her leadership roles include serving as Youth Pastor at Macedonia COGOP (8 years); Associate Pastor & Youth Pastor at Greater Heights COGOP (4 years) and Senior Pastor at Gloverville COGOP (3 1/2

years).  She began pastoring Blythewood COGOP in 2016. 

In addition to her roles as a Pastor, she has served on the S.C. State Staff for COGOP and the S.C. State Youth board (COGOP) for many years.  She was a dedicated Camp Director and Camp Coordinator.

Delores' 16 years of ministry experience and serving in several capacities prepared her for leadership at Blythewood COGOP.  She has touched the hearts of people from all walks of life. Her effectiveness and ability to be strategic in kingdom building has enabled her to be a catalyst in church growth, as well as the personal lives of those who attend. 

She is as graduate of Mariah Institute of Christian Studies. Delores is happily married to Robert Matthews.  It is obvious that after 25 years of marriage, they are still the apple of each other's eyes!  Robert is very active and focal in the ministry.  They have two adult sons; Dylan (Breanna) and Bryan. 




Here's what her congregation says about her:

  • "She's non-judgmental.  She's a human-being and can relate to every day life."

  • "Her sermons are relevant.  She has a way of introducing biblical text so that it addresses current situations."

  • "She is passionate about God, yet down-to-earth."

  • "Pastor Delores shows love to everyone despite their walk of life, race, age and culture.  She believes that church should consist of people of all races, ages, backgrounds and cultures."

  • "Her faith is big!"

  • "She has vision."

Robert, Delores and Bryan (their youngest son) having fun at the Chocolate Factory