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Grow in love for our neighbor, our God, ourselves, and our earth.​

  • What is COGOP, and what is this church like?
    COGOP stands for Church of God of Prophecy. It is a body of believers that extends over ten million members worldwide in over 130 nations. Blythewood COGOP is much smaller and a lot less intimidating than other COGOP churches. However, our hearts express love in ways you will feel the moment you enter the door. Our church is personal and intimate, and you will be glad that you came. Our people love people, no matter what side of the track you come from or the baggage you brought with you. We welcome all of God's people, and we believe that love is the driving factor for long-lasting relationships in our Lord's name.
  • Who is the preacher?
    Pastor Delores Matthews delivers the Sermon every Sunday, and she manages Wednesday night bible study. She has served as Pastor at Blythewood COGOP for several years and has been a member of Church of God of Prophecy for many more.
  • How long is Sunday service?
    We value your time and appreciate both fellowship and rest. Because Sunday is most people's "off" day, we opt to keep service concise and meaningful. Worship starts at 11:00 AM, followed by the Sermon, which typically ends around 12:15 PM when the congregation is dismissed to enjoy the rest of their Sunday with their families and other obligations.
  • What about my kids?
    We have Children's Church in the fellowship hall at the back of the church, where they can be as loud and playful as they want. Your kids will participate in exercises loosely based on the Sermon for that week. Your kids will also be supervised and cared for by trained adults for the duration of the Sermon delivery.
  • What should I expect when I get there?
    We are a small church, so you can rest assured that you won't be rushed by an overwhelming number of new people to meet. However, the Pastor and a couple of staff members will welcome you into the sanctuary and introduce themselves. You will immediately feel that we love all who choose to visit us.
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